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How does UV light purify the air we breath?

Bluezone by Middleby Model 450 kills airborne pathogens like corona-virus with UV-C germicidal lamps. Ultraviolet lamps have a long history of sanitizing surfaces in laboratories and food-processing industries and also for disinfecting water supplies. Since the UV-C lamps are locked inside the Bluezone chamber it is safe to operate 24/7 in occupied spaces to keep your guests and employees safe!

Model 450 works by pulling air into a chamber where it is scrubbed with an ultraviolet germicidal light process that destroys a virus’ RNA. This eliminates the ability for it to replicate itself, protecting both staff and guests. Bluezone has received clearance as a Class II medical device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based on clinical data that demonstrated efficacy, safety and reliability. 

  • UV-C bulbs inactivate airborne viruses and disinfects air

  • Treats up to 9,000 ft3 (255 m3)

  • 150 CFM flow rate circulates the air quickly and continuously kills virus

  • Oxidation catalysts destroys VOCs and unpleasant odors

  • Destroys airborne viruses including corona-virus in dining and working spaces

  • Protect employees, customers and guests

How does Bluezone UV-C technology work?

Bluezone® by Middleby makes indoor spaces safe again with patented, ultraviolet air cleaning technology that kills up to 99.9995% of viruses in the air, including SARS-CoV-2
(corona-virus). Air is pulled into a chamber, is scrubbed of contaminants, and purified air is returned to the space.

There are other types of air purifi cation units available, but this innovative UV technology is ideal for Schools. First, and most important, units are easily installed and don’t require expensive HVAC modifications, hazardousfilter disposal or dangerous chemicals. After the initial investment of a Bluezone unit, the only requirement is to change out the bulb roughly once a year, a task easily managed by the facilities staff, requiring only 10 or 15 minutes.

Bluezone by Middleby works in a wide range of applications.

The last year has taught us that clean air is needed in pretty much any type of indoor setting. From hotel lobbies to factory warehouses, when a business or organization can create a safer environment, it becomes more attractive to both potential customers and staff. Consider Bluezone by Middleby in the following types of operations:


Restaurants are leading the way in creating safer environments with air purification.

Bars and nightclubs use Bluezone by Middleby to keep patrons safe while pouring a pint or hitting the dance floor.

Hotels can use Bluezone by Middleby in hotel lobbies and common spaces.


Healthcare facilities can promote safety and wellness in waiting areas.

Senior care and long-term communities need clean air for communal dining spaces.


Schools use Bluezone by Middleby to keep students and teachers safe so they can learn in-person.

Offices and businesses can promote in-person work environments with scrubbed air

Churches can use Bluezone by Middleby to keep parishioners safe during services.

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