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COVID-19 Outbreak Prevention Services


COVID-19 Outbreak Prevention Services

  •  GBAC Certified Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

  • Janitorial Staff COVID-19 Cleaning Training Courses

  • Onsite Sars-Cov-2 Facility Testing

  • Mobile Employee COVID-19 Testing Services

  • Facility Director & Supervisor Training

  • COVID-19 Prevention Employee Training

  • Body Temperature and Threat Detection Systems

  • OSHA & CDC Compliance Consultancy Services

  • Air Quality & HVAC Disinfection System

  • Health & Safety Compliance Program Development

  • Long-Term Disinfecting & Virus Suppression System

  • Digitalized Facility Health & Safety Management System

GBAC Certified Cleaning 
& Disinfecting Services

Our GBAC Certified technicians will deliver a comprehensive COVID-19 Prevention Plan and Deep Cleaning Services utilizing GBAC protocols and the following processes.


Consultation: We provide each client with a comprehensive analysis of their Corporate Headquarters and passenger vessel based on OSHA & CDC Compliance requirements and GBAC Standards of Cleaning. Not all businesses are the same thus we create a customized COVID-19 Infection Prevention Cleaning Plan that is tailored to the unique needs of each Corporate Headquarters or passenger vessel.

Disinfectant sprayers and germs that adhere on objects on the surface. prevent infection C
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Janitorial Staff COVID-19 Cleaning Training Course

If it’s been a while since your janitorial insurance clients updated their training, now might be the time to talk with them about revamping their training materials to aid in COVID-19 prevention efforts. As their insurance agent, you can help your clients understand that the better their janitorial standards, the healthier working their environment will be and the more they can avoid incidents that could result in adverse and costly insurance claims against them. Take a look at some of the janitorial training ideas your clients may want to adopt.

Detection Systems

The Sars-CoV-2  Detection Systems validates the successful mitigation of the Sars-Cov-2 , which causes COVID-19 disease in humans, this test can be used to validate your disinfecting efforts and provide passengers, vessel crew, corporate staff, employees, customers and guests with peace of mind. The Novel COVID-19 Environmental Test is crucial for monitoring and risk mitigation in all types of businesses and facilities. Our test equips business owners and facility managers with the necessary tools to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 within the workplace.

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Mobile Employee Covid-19 Testing Services.jfif

Mobile Employee
COVID-19 Testing Services

With mobile COVID-19 testing from Complete COVID-19 Testing Center, your business can easily provide the necessary testing services for employees and save money in the process. Employers that we work with regularly and develop a professional relationship with us will receive discounts on ALL testing, even if the employee being tested is a self-pay client. Group testing for businesses is an easy, convenient, and money-saving solution for keeping your employees safe and your business in compliance with and COVID-19 related local and federal mandates. Our mobile testing services are capable of administering large numbers of tests in a single day, ensuring that every who needs to be tested has the opportunity to do so, with each test only taking about 10-15 minutes. Your employees do not have to make an appointment with us — it’s easy-access testing!

Facility Director & Supervisor Training

This course will give you best practices for managing employees through the COVID-19 pandemic, including risk-informed decision-making guidelines for policy changes to protect employees and promote healthy behaviours in the workplace to reduce the spread of infection. You will also learn strategies for handling complaints or concerns and how to support employees through their experiences as they cope with fear and uncertainty.

Leading a team during the COVID-19 pandemic is a complex issue. This interactive course will help you learn how to:

  • Anticipate and respond to concerns

  • Identify additional safety precautions for your workplace

  • Distinguish between COVID-19 fact & fiction

  • Introduce new coping strategies

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COVID-19 Prevention Employee Training

This Certification Course is specifically designed to teach your cleaning staff the procedures and protocols that are required to professionally clean & disinfect for COVID-19 Prevention in the passenger vessel and corporate headquarters

Body Temperature and Threat Detection Systems

Our Body temperature and Threat Detection System is powered by an AI-based technology solution that integrates into your existing camera systems that is combined with state-of-the-art thermal cameras enabling continuous contactless, non-invasive accurate temperature monitoring and threat detection. When activated the system can be used for preliminary screening for on boarding of passengers, vessel crew members and corporate staff members going on and off the passenger vessel, checkpoints, airports, educational and government institutions, manufacturing warehouses, hospitals and much more.

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OSHA & CDC Compliance Consultancy Services.JPG

OSHA & CDC Compliance Consultancy Services

Our OSHA Authorized Instructors & CDC Compliance Team will train Faculty Managers to develop and implement COVID-19 Infection Control & Prevention Programs that are outlined in the COVID-19 Health & Safety Programs to ensure that your passenger vessel and Corporate Headquarters are OSHA and CDC Compliant assuring that infection prevention standards are mandated daily.

Air Quality & HVAC Disinfection Systems

Model 450 kills airborne pathogens like corona-virus with UV-C germicidal lamps. Ultraviolet lamps have a long history of sanitizing surfaces in laboratories and food-processing industries and also for disinfecting water supplies. Since the UV-C lamps are locked inside the Bluezone chamber it is safe to operate 24/7 in occupied spaces to keep your guests and employees safe!

Model 450 works by pulling air into a chamber where it is scrubbed with an ultraviolet germicidal light process that destroys a virus’ RNA. This eliminates the ability for it to replicate itself, protecting both staff and guests. Bluezone has received clearance as a Class II medical device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based on clinical data that demonstrated efficacy, safety and reliability.

  • UV-C bulbs inactivate airborne viruses and disinfects air

  • Treats up to 9,000 ft3 (255 m3)

  • 150 CFM flow rate circulates the air quickly and continuously kills virus

  • Oxidation catalysts destroys VOCs and unpleasant odors

  • Destroys airborne viruses including corona-virus in dining and working spaces

  • Protect employees, customers and guests

Safety First Work Concept - regulations and standard in health care. Top secure rules. Med

Health & Safety Compliance Program Development

When developing Health and Safety Programs and Plans, Partner brings an integrated approach to the table, taking into consideration many factors such as identifying and mitigating risks to employees, occupants, the community, the environment, and business operations, as well as proactive loss prevention and the protection of our clients' assets. Partner’s team of professionals includes specialists seasoned in all aspects of health and safety with certifications such as certified safety inspectors, asbestos inspectors, certified hazardous materials managers, and HAZWOPER professionals.

Long-Term Disinfecting & Virus Suppression Systems

Coronavirus disinfection in an indoor restaurant with natural light. Suppression of infect
​Digitalized Facility Health & Safety Management System.jpeg

Digitalized Facility Health & Safety Management Systems

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