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Threat Detection and Surveillance Solutions

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Behavior Recognition Anomaly Detection

Scylla behavior recognition system allows security professionals to detect and identify a wide range of anomalous events and environments in real-time.


Drone Security

Scylla AI technology effectively works on drone cameras with non-static environments and backgrounds keeping a watchful eye on your valued assets and operations.


Higher Education Security Brief

Providing safety to students, faculty and staff is a challenging task given all the threats that need to be addressed.

Intrusion Detection Perimeter Protection.png

Intrusion Detection Perimeter Protection

Scylla AI-powered software is trained to identify humans and vehicles in restricted areas, impressively minimizing false alarms by up to 99.95%.

Object Detection.png

Object Detection

Scylla proprietary object detection and classification engine augments your security infrastructure and provides situational awareness in real-time.

Object Tracking.png

Object Tracking

Scylla Object Tracking monitors object movement across a series of video frames.

Scylla Access Control Solution.png

Scylla Access Control Solution

Enterprise-grade access control solution for full compliance, reduction of risks, employee safety and business continuity.

Scylla False Alarm Filtering.png

Scylla False

Alarm Filtering

By utilizing proprietary computer vision algorithms, Scylla AI video analytics triggers alerts only in case of validated threats,impressively minimizing false positives by up to 99.95%

Scylla Master Whitepaper.png

Scylla Master Whitepaper

Report on the performance of various modules of Scylla AI Physical Threat Detection Solution.

Thermal Screening.png

Thermal Screening

Scylla thermal scanning technology effectively detects elevated skin temperature in high-traffic areas through non-invasive target screenings.

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