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Thomasville School District Picks Top COVID Firms

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

[Joint Venture: ATIRTEC & USRestore] To Help Re-Open District with World-Class Bio-Risk Safety Protocols and Building Testing 

SRS Continues To Save Lives in North Carolina Using Its 90-Minute PCR Technology To Test Buildings

Charlotte, NC August 4, 2020 — In a 5-0 decision, the Thomasville, North Carolina School District School Board, selected SRS, Inc. to implement the firm’s “Single Source Solution” for controlling the spread of the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

A Proactive Approach

This decision by the Thomasville School District represents a forward-thinking proactive approach to creating a safer environment for re-opening of local schools in North Carolina. SRS’s Single Source Solution includes on-site building testing that generates results in just 90 minutes. Its cutting-edge bio-security and bio-safety protocols developed by top virologists are based on science and medicine. Its “all-natural” ProGuardeum solution is 120 times more effective than chlorine yet safe for humans. The cleaning solution KILLS the virus that causes COVID-19 on contact like no other product on the market and is equally as effective on viruses and pathogens such as: Influenza, Ebola, Salmonella, SARS, Ecoli and more. “Your expertise, the company’s knowledge, the fact that you people choose that product (ProGuardeum), because that’s the one that kills the virus, there’s nothing else out there,” says Eric Johannesen, Director of Construction/Maintenance of Thomasville City Schools. Another very important component of the SRS, Inc. “Single Source Solution is intense training of the maintenance staff. “One of the things that we wanted to accomplish at the start of this project, we wanted to make sure all of their team inherited the knowledge that all of our certified technicians have,” says James LeBlance, Director of Infectious Prevention & Control Services, SRS, Inc.

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